Survivor Codes

Hi Survivors!! We come with the most updated Survivor codes list (2021). These codes will help you to purchase powerful rewards, items, torches, and coins. These coins can be used to purchase Crates, Flames, Trails, and Emotes. 

Survivor Codes

Using these codes you will show off your character a bit and have you looking good as you head into tribal council. These characters are pretty much for the show. You can also add fun to your avatar.


Updated Codes List (Active Survivor codes 2021)

Here is the list of the most valid codes of Survivor codes. After redeeming these codes you can show off your characters and add fun. Redeem these codes and see what you can get. Try the codes and claim free rewards, exclusive in-game items, torches, coins and more, don’t let the codes expire, be quick:

  • D4rkw00d: Try the code to get free Crafting Item or Torch Darkwood as a reward.
  • 50mil: Use this code for getting Crafting Item or Torch 50M Visits as a reward.
  • Tw33ter: Redeem the code to earn the Crafting Item or Torch Twitter as a reward.
  • 1year: Try the code to get free 365 coins as a reward.


Expired Codes List ( Expired  Survivor codes)

Below is a list of Survivor codes that are expired now.

  • None.


How to Redeem Codes For Survivor Games?

Follow the below instructions to earn the coins.

  1. Search and click on the” twitter icon” on your screen.
  2. A new window will be opened after clicking the icon.
  3. Enter your codes from the above list in the “enter here” area.
  4. Press Enter or redeem codes to get the reward.


Let’s know about Survivor games and how we can play Survivor games?

Welcome to the Survivor  Game!

The Survivor is the battle game. There is a battle for immunity to avoid wasting yourself from the disreputable social group. If you want to become a real survivor then this game is very interesting for you. You can change your avatar in this game. Get the coins to defeat the others, then purchase the amazing items. 

How to play the Survivor  Game?

The Survivor is a fantastic battle game. In this game, you have to improve your immunity to avoid wasting yourself from the social group. By defeating the others you get the rewards. You can change your avatar and add fun to them.


Ending Up!!!

When you play the Survivor game, then you can win the coins. With the coins, you can purchase amazing items. So redeem these codes and get the rewards before they expire. Stay in touch with us on this page. So please guys, follow this page. If you really like our codes, please share our pages with your friends.


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