RPG Simulator Codes

Roblox RPG simulator codes in the game not only helps you to win the game but also gives you bonus things and many more other items needed while playing the game. This article will provide you all the codes needed while playing game. There are many new codes and also other codes which have been expired or removed by the developer.

Roblox RPG simulator Codes January 2021

RPG simulator codes

Find below the freshly updated RPG simulator codes for your thrilling game to be used while playing the game:

  • HEEHOO: Revive 600 tokens when you enter the code in the RPG simulator game.
  • SUMMER: You can acquire 123,400 Gold and 500 coins after applying the given code in the game.
  • 100K: Apply this code for the redemption of 100,000 gold and 69 tokens.
  • grouppride : This code is to be used in the group only and will help you grab the aura.

So these were the valid codes for the RPG simulator game.


Now find below those codes which are not working or being terminated:

  • delayed: Grab 1 lac coins and 1000 tokens by using the code in the game.
  • epicgames: Apply the given code to grab a token and more than 60,000 coins.
  • vintiscoo123: Win coins and tokens while applying the code.
  • easter: Attain bonus when you apply this code to found 15000 coins and 350 tokens.
  • thanksmanthankyou: put in use this code to get rewards worth 5000 gold and 800 tokens.
  • heyheyheyhey: Access tokens with the given code
  • pogchampion: Benefit yourself with coins and tokens.
  • 10kSmilesOnly: Run this code to profit with more coins, tokens and other bonus.
  • twitchprime: qualify coins and tokens for your character in the game.
  • Thx41K: Enter this code in the RPG simulator game for bonus.
  • 1POINT5K: Compensate with this code in the game for coins.
  • AY2K: Gain coins and tokens with this RPG simulator code.
  • tentokens: Can honour your character with good bonus by using the code.
  • 400fourthousend: coins and tokens can be received with this.
  • 5Bands: Tip your game with more of goodies when you use the code.
  • 7000is7000: Make yourself more rich by this code.


How to redeem the RPG simulator codes in the game?

When you look on the screen, you will find a settings icon on it which is on the right side below the sword icon. Click on it to open the new window, put in the desired code and enter to revive your coins, tokens and other bonus.


How to play RPG simulator game?

Well, You must be knowing how to play the game for sure but here are some few points to let you know that what you can expect in the RPG simulator game while playing:

  • Firstly,Find and Combat with the demons and bosses with your friends.
  • Secondly,Access the most active swords with many more additions and armour.
  • And in addition to it, You will also find a pet buddy which will help you out in the fight in RPG simulator game.


There might be some problem with some servers having low speed because there might be out of date, so try to get the fast and up to date server. Also the game is in its fresh start,  so you might find some bugs. In other words, try to be in a good network area to play the RPG simulator game.

Keep checking this page for more RPG simulator codes which will be updated with time to get you going through the game and to give you the most thrilling experience.

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