Gun Master Codes

Roblox Gun Masters Codes 2021

Another cool game of shooting introduced by Roblox where you can show your shooting skills and prove your opponents that you are only of the masters of gun. Do guns fight with your enemy and upgrade your gun with more power.

Kill everyone with your precise shot before anybody shoots you.  Earn gems and coins in the gun masters game so that you can sell and purchase your precision, body armor and guns. Either you can play with toggle pvp or play individual.

Gun Master Codes

Roblox Gun Masters Codes – Available as on January 2021

Gun Masters is played millions of time but unfortunately developer of this game has not introduced many codes for this game but important thing is that available code for this game work 100 percent whenever you apply it in game but do not apply the same code again and again as it will not give you any result instead will waste your time in game.

  • Tofuu: Multiply your gems with 1000 times with this exclusive Gun master code.


Roblux Gun Master Codes- Expired

Some of the codes below were active few days earlier but now they are not in use. We believe more codes will come soon. So here below get the information of the expire gun master codes.

  • NEW: Add on gems with 500 gems on the use of this code.
  • PET: Step out with a new Pet on making the use of this code.

Give an attempt to the above codes, there could be possibility that you can get the reward as per the mentioned code.


How to Apply Gun Master Codes:

If you want to apply the gun master codes you have to pay a note to the below instructions.

  • Search for a code button when you play the gun master game.
  • Below the feedback button, out of 6 icons you will find the code button in the form of bird icon.
  • Click on that icon here you can type the gun master code.
  • Redeem the reward finally with your valid code.


Play Gun Simulator game:

Get into the game of gun simulator and start with the pistol which is given to you by default. Start killing and earn coins.

Fight in the various different locations and use the shop place in the game either to sell your weapon or purchase a new one.

You can fight various battle but don not forget to upgrade your armor as it will protect you from the hit from the enemy.

Find out the hidden quest in the play area as it could have amazing surprise hidden in it.

Gems in the game will help you to purchase the pets in the game.

Be aware of your enemy as they take a shot of you from anywhere because you are surrounded from everywhere.

Never forget to have a sniper gun as it will help you to take a long shot of your hidden enemy


Controls of Gun Simulator game

  • Arrow keys to move anywhere
  • Left Click to shoot.
  • Space bar to make a jump
  • T button to toggle


VIP Passes of Gun Master

If you want to have the VIP passes of gun simulator game for that you have to spend your Robux in order to purchase them. Remember these passes can help you as an immunity that will be a nightmare for your enemy.

  • Bamboo Survival Knife- 100 Robux
  • Luger Pistol- 700 Robux
  • Trench Warfare Shotgun- 800 Robux
  • 96- 350 Robux
  • Stun Grenade- 650 Robux
  • Ice- Cream- 175 Robux



Be patient as more Gun Master Codes are on its way. So be prepare for the more excitement and get ready to become the gun master of the decade. For any suggestions or information please share the comments in the comment section below.

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