Death Star Tycoon Codes

Information about the Death Star Tycoon & Codes πŸ™‚

Another amazing shooting game introduced name as Death Star Tycoon so where you have to be a guardian of space. Get equipped with some powerful weapons and play an amazing action arcade game. Save your galaxy and enjoy the big war ships. Build your own army to save the galaxy. However there are more than 30 levels in this death star tycoon game.

More about Death Star Tycoon Codes January 2021

Death Star Tycoon Codes

Welcome to Death Star Tycoon and Have Fun! Just feel relax as we have find out the codes for Death star tycoon game which are helpful for you to upgrade your powers and to defeat your enemies in the game.

Cash in this game plays an important role so as you require it to purchase various items in the game from the open shop. If you need a boost therefore shop sells powerful items!

Get all the information regarding the Death star Tycoon working codes at our page, so what are you waiting scroll down and find below the list of working codes of Death Star Tycoon.


Working Death Star Tycoon Codes List January 2021 πŸ™‚

Though, there is small list of working codes available for this game but not to worry as these codes are 100% functioning for the game as our team has authenticate if it is working or not.

  • SAVETHEFLEET – Unbolt the Supremacy Ship with the help of this code.
  • THENOOBTWEETS – Receive the AutoCollect capability on using this code.
  • BLUEBIRD2020 – Collect the Bird Nest Dropper with this newest code of 2021.


Hope you enjoy the list of mention codes so; do give us your positive feedback on redeeming the above codes.


Non- Working Codes of Death Star Tycoon πŸ™

As Death Star Tycoon game has been recently launched in the gaming world so; there is not so big list available of non-working codes. Hence you can use the codes without worry.

  • spacesquad: This code is no longer in use in the game.
  • Supremacy2020: This code is no longer in use in the game.

However if you still apply this code in game you will get a message of Wrong Code.


How to use codes in Death Star Tycoon Game?

The method of redeeming codes is quite different from other game. While you have to be in game and redeem the code. Just you have to get into the circle where you have to type the code from the above list. But before you type the code, firstly you have to reach to the first level of the game and then you have to get down and search for the circle for the code.

Note- If it sounds difficult, therefore don’t worry as you play the game you will find it yourself the place where you can place the code and at the end you can enjoy your reward.


Quick guide to play the Game of Death Star Tycoon

This game is all about to design your own starship and make yourself ready for the clash with other people in the space. You can use various deadly weapons to get control in your galaxy. Battle in the galaxy for your victory.

However you can upgrade your starship and dominate for the victory. Hunt down your enemy. Get into the green circle where you can start making money and start collecting cash.

Remember this game has a new feature of saving your game automatically after every 2 minutes so you don’t have to worry to save your gameplay.


Summary of Death Star Tycoon Codes 2021

On the whole, the page contains all the information regarding this epic game at one place and we try to bring more information so that you don’t go other place to find out the answers for your queries.

If you still have question for the game related, you can leave the query in the comment section and we will definitely try to answer all your questions soon. So stay tune with us!

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