Blade Throwing Simulator Codes

Roblox Blade throwing simulator Codes

Throw blades and level up, this is what this Roblox Blade throwing simulator game is all about. You can even trade your capabilities for the Boost. You can hop over the map to seek new islands and unravel new things, pets, eggs and advantages. To show your action, you have to fight against other players and win over them.


Here we have compiled a list of active Roblox blade throwing simulator game codes for the month of July 2020. Free gems and extra space can be grabbed by these codes.  

Roblox blade throwing simulator codes August 2020

Blade Throwing Simulator Codes

All the active codes will help you get the gems which are absolutely free. These gems you can use to get pets which you need to purchase which will be giving you added multipliers on the cash you can earn which further will help you to increase the level in the game. In other words, You have to grab a  pet before using the codes because it will increase the sum you get with extra multipliers.

All the active codes are updated on this page. But these codes will be available to you for once. In other words, you can use them only once. So, here are some active codes penned down just for you:

  •  snug- This code will provide you 15000 gems.
  •  telanthric- Qualify yourself for 15000 gems by applying this code in the Blade throwing simulator game.
  • vexsquad- Apply the given code for the redemption of 5000 gems.
  • discord- This code will provide you 15 pet storage.
  • ToadBoiGaming- 8000 gems can be excel with the code in the game.
  • Thecookieboi-  Run the code and grab 8000 gems while playing the Blade throwing simulator game.
  • million- Surely get 5000 gems when you apply the code.
  • million2- Put into use this code to master 2500 coins.
  • razor- 1000 gems after you run the code.
  • gamingdan- Access 1000 gems while using the code.
  • secret- 1000 gems to be reward with the code in the blade throwing simulator game.
  • TWITTER- Get 1000 gems certainly in the game.
  • PlanetMilo- Want 1000 gems, apply the code in the game.

So that’s all for now. These are all the active and working codes. All the above codes might not be for long run and are suppose to be used before they get lapse or expire.  


Blade throwing simulator game codes (Lapsed)

There ain’t any codes available which are no longer in use or they might be terminated. Keep coming to this page to check for the latest codes available as we will be updating this page regularly.  


Redemption of the codes in the Blade throwing simulator game

Huge benefit of playing Roblox game is that you will have so many codes to redeem while playing the game which will make your character better and levelled up. And still if you are unable to access any codes, please refer to the following steps to do the same. In this ,

  1. Firstly, When you see on the right side of your scree, you will find *Codes* icon there, Please click the icon.
  2. Secondly, This will open a small window in front of you on the screen.
  3. Thirdly, Type your desired codes given above in the box provided there or you can just simply copy and paste the codes provided.
  4. And finally, Hit enter and your code will be rewarded.



In conclusion, You have now been update with all the active blade throwing simulator codes provided on this page for the Roblox Blade throwing simulator game. Please don’t forget to leave your best feedback for us. Your response matters to us so that we keep on improving more ourself.

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